Ram set up single or dual channel

I have an Intel D865GBF MB with 2 256mg of memory and 4 slots.
With XP the system uses 88% of the memory. I have a 1gig chip to update the memory.
Do I just install the 1 gig. Do I also install the 2x256 ( all 3200, 400)?
a0 a1 b0 b1 My guess is a0 1 gig a1 256mg b0 empty and b1 256mg

Will a1 b1 operate dual?

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  1. Yeah, Thats how I would set it up too. You'd have to read your mobo manual to see if it will run in dual channel.

    It will most likely not, but some boards support dual channel like this.
    0- 1 gb
    1- 512 mb
    2 -- empty
    3 - 512 mb
    (channel 0 = (0+2)= 1 gb and channel 1 = (1+3)= 1 gb)

    either way, the more ram the better. I'd stay with all 3 sticks
  2. At the cost of a 1GB module, I'd get another identical module and go with dual channel. What bc4 shows is a configuration where 1GB (2 x 512MB) is dual channel and the rest (1GB) isn't. So I'd go with 4 sticks.
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