Installed Win 7 on two hard drives, boots wrong one

I've reached a new level of idiocy.

I had windows 7 on one hdd and XP on another. (two physical hard drives)
I installed ubuntu overwriting the XP hdd. (This drive had the Win 7 boot loader) Mistake. Then I overwrote ubuntu with windows 7 to hopefully have access to the boot loader so i could run recovery from within windows 7.

Now I have Windows 7 installed on both hard drives.
The one that i was working on originally (D:) , and has all my data, does not have the boot loader on it.

Disk management looks like this

Disk 0 (C:)
596.16 GB NTFS
Healthy (Boot, Page File, Crash Dump, Primary Partition)

Disk 1 (D:)
596.17 GB NTFS
Healthy (system , active, primary partition)

How do I get windows to load from D: instead of C:?
XP had a boot.ini file which made this a lot easier.
I can't find something similar in 7.

Would it work if I backed up all contents of D:, reinstalled win 7, and then dump the files back onto D: ?
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  1. Thanks. I tried that yesterday. After I click on "Repair your computer", no OS shows up on the list.

    Their instructions are to click on "Load drivers". My motherboard Biostar ta790gx 128m had some drivers on their website.
    I tried to use the ones for SATA hard drives. That wasn't what they were looking for.
    So,I don't know which drivers the want.
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