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Hey, im looking for some info on radiators for my liquid cooling system I'm soon embarking In I was looking for 1/2" tubing and 3x120mm size. This keeps bringing me around to the Black Ice Xtreme III. Any tips?
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  1. i have it,or
    its amazing keeps my cpu at low 30s
    i even managed to put it in one of my empty dvd package trays,you can watch it in my video:
  2. 1. If you haven't already read this:

    2. See:
    and: for reviews/testing on rads.

    3. Rest of the specs for the loop and what you are trying to cool?
  3. There are more than a few brands of radiators. 5 top makers now I think. There are 3 different classes of modern rads too. Some can cool like a beast with 3000 RPM 38mm thick push pull fans. These have high fins per inch (FPI) and perform poorly with low speed quiet fans.

    There is the low FPI rads types. They can't pull as much heat with high speed fans (you might say the benefits level off) but work supremely well with low to medium speed fans.

    Then you have the great classic Swiftech MCR series, kinda in the middle. Great stuff and a great price too.

    Then you talk about rad sizes, they come in 120x1 , 120x2, 120x3, 4 and 140x1,2,3, 4. Then there is the Mora which is a massive 120x3x3. Yep NINE fans.

    So it's not that simple. Shadow gave you some great links. Time to spend a few hours learning the basics and reading charts. Then get back to us.
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