Processor Overheating?

Hey all,

I'm hoping someone can help me. Ive recently got a free computer off of my workmate which is a Packard Bell iMedia 1402 (Year 2004 i think). When i got it, it was in a bad state, so ive cleaned it up, updated the RAM and got a 512mb ATI Graphics card and now its working better than ever.

Only problem i have is that i think my CPU is overheating. Once i got it, the fan and heatsink was full of dust, and reaching temperatures of 80'c!! Last week i took out then fan and heatsink and cleared 95% of the dust (the other 5% is very minimal on the fan blades) and the temperature dropped to 50'c-55'c. Ive re-done the thermal paste too. I used Arctic silver 5 which ive read, is supposed to be very good. Although my CPU is still reaching 50'c at idle, but if i do anything such as browse the web, it reaches 55'c to a max of 61'c so far.

Ive been keeping tabs on the heat by SpeedFan4.37
Also the processor is a Celeron D 3.8ghz (Prescott Ed.)

Is there anything that you may think be wrong? Or something i could do?
Also would anyone know any decent heatsinks that would fit my motherboard?

Thanks for any info or replies!

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  1. Temps seem about right. It was a cheap and inefficient processor, puts out a ton of heat, and you have it overclocked. You could improve the cooling by using a high-end third party heatsink along with the AS5. I assume you're still using stock, which is pretty low-end for a heatsink. You might also be able to lower temps by fine-tuning Vcore.
  2. Oh ok, i thought that the right temperature should be about 40'c-45'c.
    Im not overclocking it at all either, its at 2.8ghz, plus i dont think that my motherboards current bios supports overclocking.

    Sorry to be a pain but what do you mean by a third party heatsink? Yeah im using the stock heatsink which is small compared to my Dell Inspiron 2400 heatsink. I cant change them over either because the Dell is still being used.

    Yeah ill try to find out how to fine tune the Vcore too.

    Thanks for the reply
  3. Sorry, the "3.8 GHz" in your initial post threw me off course, thinking someone had overclocked it. Considering that you can't overclock or change Vcore, it should run fine as is. It's designed to tolerate high temperatures. Especially considering you got it free and that it's 4 years old, I doubt you'd want to invest much into a third party HSF, which usually costs $30 - $70, for probably no performance gain, as odds are against it throttling with a clean stock heatsink.

    If you insist on cooling it down further, one of the most cost effective 775 coolers is the Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro, which runs just under $30 from Newegg. But if your Celeron is the 478 version (check with CPU-Z), you'll instead want a 4- or 5-star cooler from this list:
  4. Haha my bad, sorry about that, didnt realise I'd hit the '3' instead of the 2 :P

    Thank you so much for all your information, i'll look into those coolers from newegg. CPUZ does say mine is the 478 version.

    Yeah as you said, considering i got it free and its 4 years old, it should be fine, i just thought that the temp might be too high and kind of panicked lol

    Thank you again for all your help, take care

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