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I just bought a Prolimatech Megahalems cooler. It comes with a thermal compound. I've been reading what people are saying in forums and I've seen many people say that " You must have a thermal compound for the i7 920. I plan on mildly overclocking (stock = 2.66, my overclock = 3.2- 3.4 ).

Do I need to buy another thermal compound? Or is the one that comes with the Prolimatech Megahalems cooler good enough?
thanks! :D
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  1. the stuff under the cooler is sufficient, but you do get better heat conduction with applying your own paste
  2. The one that comes with the megahalems is rated B+ I think in the 80 way thermalpaste test so it's fairly good
  3. If doing moderate OC, the stuff that comes with the Mega will do better than the stock Intel stuff. I used IC Diamond 7 Karat on my son's box and it's doing 3.7 Ghz on a 920 with core temps in the 50's.

  4. thanks everyone for the suggestions!

    When applying the thermal paste, should I apply it as it says in the instructions, or is there a better technique out there?

    thanks again!
  5. i have no idea what the instructions say, but there are many different ways. you can try putting a small dab, spreading it with a bussiness card, and making the coating very thin, almost opaque. or just put a big dab and put the cpu on top of it to spread it out. as long as it is even, everywhere, and good, it will work.
  6. thanks everyone!
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