Lacie 301871U 2TB eHDD?

Hey I'm new to these forums! First post.

I'm planning on purchasing the Lacie 301871U eHDD 2TB

I did a bit of search online and couldn't really find reviews for it. But it is on amazon...

Any tips? Should I buy it? What are the downsides? Is Lacie pretty reliable?
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  2. Hi there my husband has two 500Gb LaCie external hard drives that have been running 24/7 (albeit occassional outages) for about three or more years now. He utilizes it as a server and loves the fact that, unlike newer models, they do not have a power down or miser setting. He returned a Toshiba 2TB for that reason and is willing to wait to order another LaCie online because for us, they have proven to be a reliable brand. I don't have any specs as far as model numbers and all that but I hope that past performance on smaller drives proves to be the same for these newer, larger drives.
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