Please anyone help me!!!


first of all sory for disturbing you, but realy i need help.

i have buy a notebook hp pavilion in may 2007 with OS Vista home premium in Germany. In the Jul of 2008 i have put OS XP proffesional and it works normaly. One night my notebook it shutdown by it self. Since i dont have HP center here in my country i have send it to one technician who tells me that under keyboard are two ribbon cables and they are damaged by current. He also fix (in one way) those cables (but he tells me to buy those cables on HP center or by internet ebay ) and notebook works against normaly, and then one night i update my bios from (i dont remember) to F.3D version, and than , tomorrow when i press power button my computer start and shutdown after 4 sec. neither bios doesnt start. Then i send again to technician and he say to me that i have to buy emmediatly those ribbons cables, and i buy in ebay. Now for the moment the nootebook is working good, but the LAN cable network and the wireless lan network is not working. The windows RECOGNIZE the Internet Network Controller, but when i put the latest driver than open a window with this message: a problem ocured during instalation, the device might not work properly, The device cannot start (code 10).

I have contacted one technician in HP support center, he says to me to update bios and he send me a link (but i already have do this before 6 months maybe) and one other link with latest driver for LAN adapter, which it doesnt work.

When i go to the device manager, windows Recognize nForce networking adapter but is with a yellow MARK (like this ! ), see this link:

in the begining i belive that is a hardware problem, but next to the LAN i have MODEM cable (both intergrated) , and when i put my telephone cable on the modem i can call everyone, so for the moment i dont belive that is a hardware problem, JUST IF THE LAN NETWORKING ADAPTER IS CONECTED WITH THOSE TWO RIBBONS CABLES AND WHEN THOSE CABLES ARE DAMAGED , THE ADAPTER DAMAGE TOO.

I try to download your bios F.58A hacked, but i dont know how, i dowload, and i dont know how to open, when i click twice, it open a window that say: please choose a program to open this file.


p.s. i hope you can understand me (because of my english) thank you.

Best Regards

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  1. What is the model number of your HP Pavilion?
  2. hp pavilion dv6000

    amd processor
    OS XP proffesional
    nvidia graphic
    name of bios Phoenix
  3. Quote:
    When i go to the device manager, windows Recognize nForce networking adapter but is with a yellow MARK

    Do you have this version of the Network Adaptor driver installed: "sp33411.exe"
    If not, first uninstall the current Netwok Adaptor drivers you have, then download and install install the driver listed here:
  4. Yes i have this version installed!!

    I am thinkin that the BIOS is not recognizing my Network Adapter LAN or Wireless, so i am thinkin to downgrade to first version, but i dont know how? , for the moment i have F.3D , unfurtunately i dont know which is first version because i dont remember that.

    name of bios is phoenix, and i have amd processor, so can anyone help me? how can i downgrade or which version of bios can i test and where can i download that?

    i have flashed my bios during now for 3 times, with this version F.3D!!!
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