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Hi guys,
I have a problem with my hard disk: Western Digital WD3200AAJB - 320Gb..
I cannot open it from "My Computer" or even from the address bar...
It is connected correctly, as Secondary Master (because my Primary Master is another Hard Disk with OS). When I start the computer, it load the hard disk and writes it to the screen (the second screen of loading the PC, where it is detecting the hard disks). The Hard Disk also appear in the "Device Manager" tool. And also there is data on it, which means I used it before..

I hope you can help and I also want to apologise for my bad English (I am from Bulgaria)...
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  1. oh guys :( please somebody help.. On the lost hard disk are some photos with my dad, who passed away 3 months ago. And I am 16 :( :( ..... I have just been seeing how the theme goes down...

    PS: One friend told me about your forums, and that I should ask for my problem here, but ...............................
  2. When you look at the drive with Device Manager, look in the lower part of the right-hand pane... does it have a partition and drive letter?
  3. It sounds like your partition has gotten deleted somehow. You probably need to try some sort of data recovery program to see if it can find the missing files. Unfortunately I'm not an expert on those, perhaps someone else can recommend one...
  4. Well, I used one program (forgot its name), which just listed all files and folders on the disk, but I wasn't able to open them. And this hard disk did not have any problems (like too many bad sectors, disk failure etc.) so I think there is way to use it. Not just recover data from it.
    And I thank you for the help
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