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Okay, despite earlier posts i guess i just need to be specific to my quesiton
for stock speeds what is the fastest processor around $75-80 (give or take a few)

I am redoing my current system to get a new mobo, processor and ram

but i dont' plan to Overclock at all and want to know what company/ model will give me the biggest bang for the buck stock!

Hope you can help :D thanks so much!
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  1. the no end dilemna ! INTEL forever ;)
  2. It's probably a tie between the E5200 and the 6000+
  3. I don't know if you can post a statement like that TurboFlame, that's pretty unbiased. LOL
  4. E5200 if your overclocking, AMD 6000+ if not and because its cheaper...
  5. I agree with Turboflame.
    But the E5200 is a bit over the $80 (using Newegg pricing, by $3). The 6000+ is $76.00.
    So, yup...those 2 CPUs would be the best to compare with each other for your build.
  6. Personally I prefer amd for budget builds. amd boards IMO tend to offer a lot more for your money. I think you should compare the prices of cpu and mobo together.
  7. The e5200 goes up to 4.0 the 6000+ gets no wear near 4.0
  8. If overclocking, the Intel E5200 is the way to go. If not, they're fairly close, and I'd probably give the edge to the AMD because of budget boards.
  9. since you dont plan to overclock and you are budget limited, i would get the 6000+ and a decent motherboard. you will definitely have more selections in budget platforms on the AMD side of the fence when it comes to motherboards.
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