Installed new motherboard - missing operating system

Hi, hope someone can help...

I have a philips PC which had a ECS motherboard. 2 x 250GB SATA HDD's and 2 x 1GB DDR2 RAM

I changed the motherboard for an ASUS P5B-VM SE and installed new RAM (2 x 2GB DDR2)

When booting up I originally got the message 'missing operating system'
I changed the Boot priority in the bios to the other drive and got a message like drivers not installed or something along those lines. I am currently trying Startup Repair by using the recovery disc for Vista but its been going about 20 mins and nothing has happened.

I'm stuck!

Any help much appreciated

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  1. The second message was

    'Reboot and selest proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key'

    also Windows Recovery says there is no backup file present when attempting to restore from backup...
  2. You cant just put in your old drive and start up.

    You have to do a repair install
  3. would that just require using the recovery cd and selecting - Start Microsoft Windows Repair Invironment?

    If so do you have any idea of how long this would normally take to complete?

    Other options are:
    Reinstall Windows
    Advanced options (launch diagnostic utilities)
  4. Even if theres another option I guess reinstalling your system on a new motherboard is the best way forward. Bear in mind that if your system is an OEM then you might have a problem with licence. No idea how long installing of vista takes, XP pro its around 1hr so i assume on vista a bit longer perhaps? :]
  5. OK thanks for your advice.

    another thing you might be able to help with - can i remove the hard drives and plug them in to another pc to retrieve data? or if i put the old mobo back in should it boot up ok?

    i backed up some files but not everything i would have liked to...

  6. Had a thought. could i re-install windows on the 1st hard drive and then still be able to access data on the other one?
  7. Yes, you can plug them to any pc and you can access your data. And yes, you can do just as you thought, just remember that partition that you wil install your system onto will be formatted, so any data you have there(like stuff sitting on desktop or in My documents etc.) will be lost. But if all you need is on your second drive than just go ahead
  8. yes, if you install the OS in another hard drive you will be able to view the information of the other HDD.
  9. Thanks for your help. I'll see how I get on

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