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Hello, does anyone have a link or know of a link of a site comparing modern video cards' temps and power consumption?

I am particularly looking for a temperature comparison table of current/recent PCI-e video cards.

At least, something that compares Nvidia GeForce 6 series cards and up. As for ATI, the X-series or X1200 and up.

I bought a used BFG Nvidia GeForce 7950GT card for another computer and the temp at idle was 76 degrees (in Windows XP). I thought that is too high. It's stock, a pre-built OC version. There's no aftermarket cooler but 70 degrees still seems too high to me. But, I believe that it was running too hot. I wonder if it's defective or what's going on. I was curious what the average temp of that series of card is but can't find any links to any temp charts for it.

I am speculating but I believe there is probably at least one or two. I would appreciate if someone would comment on the high temperature of my card and if they can, provide a link. I appreciate feedback on the temp my card showed, at any rate.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.
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  1. I found these pages:




    They seem like good charts. Are there any other tables/charts that can confirm these numbers or that I can use to compare?
  2. Just google 7950GT reviews, look for annands, tech report etc
  3. my 8800 gtx [ stock clock ] idle in vista is 65C, no problem from what I've searched. your stock overclocked in 75C should not be a problem! i hope :D
  4. but, my other Geforce 7950GT in my other machine gets 46C. That's a huge diff!
  5. Have you cleaned it lately? Are the 2 cards the same model? One may have higher fans speeds than the other. Id download a fan control sw for it.
  6. he's right. thats probably fan speeds.
    but it is not a problem, if you only knew the temps of an hd 4850.
    as said by Tom's, you mainly look at power consumption than the temperature.
  7. Download ATITool or RivaTuner, raise the fan speeds and save it.
  8. FOLLOWUP: I put back the original card that was running at decent temps, about 46C but now it's gone up to 55 degrees! Just from taking it out and putting it back in 10 minutes later?!? Now what?!?

    I don't see how those software tools will help. What if I go into Linux? Are they actually controlling/changing the hardware (settings)? I understand that turning the fans on higher would help cool by increasing air flow but I don't see how software will do anything.

    If I could do it over again, I wouldn't skimp on a case (even though my case is supposed to be decent, Antec Solo) and I'd buy something with more fans and a better design for air flow and cooling. I can hear noise anyway so I'm not so sure the extra noise would be bothersome or even noticeable. As long as it doesn't sound like a plane taking off or bother me when I watch video or listen to music.

    How do I get the card's temp back to 46 degrees?

    :( :??:
  9. Your right if you boot to Linux you can't run the programs. Do you play any games in Linux?

    The software will help in Windows, because either one will... uh... make the fans spin faster.

    The solo doesn't look like a bad case, maybe a little long in the tooth. I noticed this on their site:
    Enhanced Cooling System
    - 1 rear 120 mm TriCool™ fan with 3-speed switch control
    - 2 front fan mounts for optional 92 mm fans to cool the HDD
    Toss a couple fans in the front and plug them all into the PSU directly.

    I also just saw this case, talk about over the top freaky. :pt1cable:

    World's First Open Air Case!
    Coming Soon!

  10. I will try that. I might upgrade my case, though. Do you think the Antec 900 is a good case for cooling? I don't need something for gaming but I want better cooling.

    The 'defective' card is a BFG 7950 GT which has the stock fan on it. No matter what I do, it is at 76 degrees both in Windows and Linux.

    My 7950 GT (the original one that is in my main computer) was at 47-49 degrees and when I put it back in, it's now at 50 degrees. The temps now range from 49 to 51 degrees. Not a big jump but it's strange how it's gone up a couple of degrees on average. It's a eVGA 7950 GT. I think the specs of the BFG are slightly better if you are going by a higher clock score. However, I figure that it is defective based on the overheating. I think the 76 degrees it puts out is way more than it should be doing even with the stock fan. This is not a 8800 series card.
  11. My X1950 Pro sits at 42C - 44C with the fan at 50% between 40C and 45C, courtesy of the ATITool fan speed profile. Your temps are nothing to panic about, as I think people said above. I just installed an HD4850 in a machine recently and the temps were atrocious. I installed RivaTuner and set the speed to 100% and pointed a side case fan at it, in an Antec 900 (oops 300). The temps came down significantly and it wasn't too much louder, IMO.

    It appears that the stock fan speeds are designed for noise more than cooling and I find it irritating.

    The Antec 900 is a nice case. A significantly cheaper option is the Antec 300. Just add some fans. I prefer the Antec dual bearing TriCool fans because you can adjust the speeds for a good cooling/noise mix. They are certainly not the best fans, but I like them.
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