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Just looking to see if anyone had any ideas or experience building a home server using a amd motherboard and running server 2003. I recently purchased a complete computer that came with a athlon x2 4800+ am2 chip. The problem is that it has a crappy ECS GeForce6100SM-M motherboard that I have had no luck finding drivers for server 2003. I am basically looking to see if anyone can recommend a cheap(under$80) motherboard that will allow me to use the chip and ram that I have. I am looking for a motherboard that has 4 dimm slots, 4 sata ports, raid not needed as I can do this under server 2003, and onboard video. I have chosen to go this route for power savings. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.

I am doing this to try and learn more about server and run exchange from home.

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  1. Here is a list of AM2 server motherboards.
    They would be your best bet for server 2300.

    But this has server drivers.
  2. Thanks for the reply, in looking at gigabytes website I dont see server 2003 listed in the drivers section for the chipset, sata, or lan. I guess I will have to look into the other boards even though they are out of the budget for now unless I get some other replies.
  3. I would install XP pro, then add MS Virtual server... Install the servers you require as virtual servers... This way you can have multiple servers running, save the state and try stuf, roll back changes etc etc... Going virtual is the better platform for messing about and learning stuf.,,
  4. I would go with running virtual servers. You get get to mess around setting up servers and you get the bonus knowledge of doing it all in a virtual environment.

    I wish I could do it with the AS400 I have to admin.
  5. #1 - You 100% want to go virtual for learning. That lets you play and undo when you mess stuff up.

    #2 - XP Drivers should work just fine for 2003 Server.
  6. I actually plan on building a faster system running 64 bit xp and having 8 gigs of ram to do the virtual thing. But in the meantime I wanted to setup a fileserver at home and have exchange running on it. I know for the esc motherboard I have I was able to install server 2003 on a ide drive, but it just doesnt see the sata. I know I could buy a add card, but for some reason I just dont like this esc board.
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