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Hello, I'm a fourteen year old in my graphics tech shop. I'm pretty good with computers, but for the life of me, I cannot figure out why It won't let me onto the profile, nor will it connect to anything else.

The school's IT people won't fix it, so I've been given permission to tackle the computer by myself.

There was a frayed Ethernet cable on the back, I replaced it, but still nothing... I tried a computer reboot, nothing..

If you have any ideas what's the problem here, that'd be awesome to know.

Thanks, Joe.
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  1. In windows XP, the computer needs to be on...
    disconnect the power to the modem and router, wait 15 seconds, plug the modem in to power, wait till the modem lights are blinking normally, plug the router in, wait until the router lights are blinking normally, restart the computer.
    when the computer reboots, the network should be recognized, double click the network icon in the lower right hand of the desktop, log on to the network with a passcode (?) or check your other network and internet settings in the control panel.
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