Psu is it powerful enough

Hi all wanted to overclock my cpu but want to know if psu has the guts my hardware is P5N E SLI mobo ,2 times 8800 gts ,E6750 cpu ,500gb hardrive sata ,XFX soundcard ,Multicard reader , AK965 cpu cooler and three case fans. So my power supply a oczgxs600 :heink:
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  1. Overclocking your CPU and running 2 8800GTS in SLI and probably OC them too, I reccomend no less than this!

    And with the original price break, a $25.00 MIR, and free shipping, for this quality level P/S, its a great deal.
  2. So i should go for a 750 watt psu
  3. Larkie said:
    So i should go for a 750 watt psu


    generic 750w are no where near as good as a branded 500w PSU - dont cheap it out
  4. So my power supply i have is plenty enough power for overclocking my rig
  5. ^ Yes. the OCZ 600W is good enough for OCing. But, I would get a PP&C 610 since you are running SLI.
  6. yes it is even with 2 8800gt oc. If my system with a 500w can run a q6600 oc @ 3.2ghz and 2 gtx260 oc your psu will be fine with your setup.
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