Which one of these??????????????????

Hey ya'll..just trying to choose the best of the three cards. I have nvidia 7300 GS and it sucks, i want to get a better one. I found 3 and please tell me which

of these are the best.

Which of these cards are the best

MSI R4850-512M Radeon HD4850 512MB GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 Video
- 625MHz Core
-1986MHz Memory 512MB
- 800 stream processors


XFX PVT98WYDFH GeForce 9800 GTX+ 512MB 256-bit GDDR3 PCI Express
-738 MHz Core
-2200 MHz Memory 512MB
- 128 STREAM PROCESSORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Good or bad???????????????


POWERCOLOR AX4850 1GBD3-PPH Radeon HD 4850 1GB 256-bit GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0

-665 MHz
-1900 MHz -1GB!!!!!!!!!!!!! Does it make any difference?????????????????????
-800 stream processors


Thank you for your help

post it here or email to bluejamesbond@gmail.com
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  1. i would lean toward the 4850. 512mb or 1gig not sure depends what resolution you play your games at??
  2. Just trying to get the best graphics. I want to play Crysis smooethly.
  3. well only for crysis i would say the 9800gtx+ performs a little better due to the game being highly optimized for nvidia. since your budget seems to be 200$ may i recommend this. it will blow away the other cards you posted.
    what resolution are you playing at?? 1600x1200 = 512mb 1900x1200=1gig recommended.
  4. the card is unfortunately too long 11 inches

    thank invisik
  5. the third one.
  6. i would go with the 4850 512mb. plays crysis well maybe 5% less then the 9800gtx+ but plays other games usually slightly faster. also it handles aa much better then 9800gtx+.
    save some money 512mb version is enough and get more ram if you need any. crysis loves 4gigs of ram.
    since 11in wont fit make sure your case isnt to small. 4850 tends to get very hot make sure you have good airflow.
  7. MSI 4850, I had alot of bad experiences with Powercolor! Artifacting, and then video card death:)
  8. thank you all for your help may just stick with msi 4850 but keep on replying i may change my mind
  9. no problem.
    But you no gtx260 is the way to go if you can somehow get it to fit.
    maybe remove a hd case or something.
  10. hey invisik

    thanks for all your help

    are there any other great video cards for less or around 200 dollars.

    really appreciate your help
  11. for 200$ around there its only the 4850, 9800 GTX+ or I've heard the 260 GTX.

    I would still say the 4850 is your best bet, since your saying that your limited on room:)
  12. how to make space for a gtx260 . I have a toolless case and the harddrive clip is getting in the way. Is there any way you can move the hardrive holder.
  13. liquid just nailed the cards for under 200$ range.
    im assuming there is no screw or anything to remove the holder??
    what case do you have?? If you cannot move the holder break it lol.
    my hardrive was in the way when i installed my 2 gtx260 so what i did was just leave the hardrive on the floor they barely move so i dont see a risk keeping it on the bottom of my case.
  14. I have a raidmaxx sagitta 2 case
  15. there should be screws on the bottom to unscrew the cage.
  16. save a little bit, and get an HD 4870 or any nvidia with dual slot,
    so you won't be adding heat too much in a case.
  17. on my cage for hardrive is like secured in with a sort of thing. it is not a screw but it is like a screw and it is like molten.

    sorry for this bad description
  18. i no what your talking about i think there is some type of tool that can remove it. hmmm do you no anyone that would no how to remove it? you can call raidmaxx and see if you can take it off with some type of tool or if you have a homedepot near by you can ask one of those gentlemen.
    sorry im very limited to modding cases and such.
  19. zodiacfml said:
    save a little bit, and get an HD 4870 or any nvidia with dual slot,
    so you won't be adding heat too much in a case.

    the 4870 runs alot hotter than even the 280 GTX LMAO, the only Ati card I've seen that runs at a cool 59 or 64 degree temp is the 4850 ICEQ4 which is 20 degrees cooler thant the reference cards.
    ATi cards are one of the hottest cards I've seen running. Honest i'm still shocked to see that some people managed to keep the 4870 X2 soo cool, 45 degrees idle, mine stays at 50-64 idle and I have the AC on max sometimes!!!!!

    either way if your going with ATI and you want a cooler card, try to add to ur budget a cooler. Personally I think it's pointless, heat never bothered me as long as it stayed under 95 degrees.

    I think the video card heat will only be a problem if you have water cooling in ur system, which means less air circulation because of the cpu fan removal and the exhaust fan (even though you have a radiator exhaust, its just not as useful as a reg exhaust).
  20. Ok this what i have decided

    i will go to homedepot to see if i can remove those screws
    If i can i'll get a 260 gtx by msi

    if i can't remove the screws i will be forced to stick with the msi 4850 with a large heatsink

    ALSO in the future i want to get a good motherboard.

    Right now i have a p35 s3g

    i want to get a Jetway HI03-Extreme Socket 775 ATX Motherboard


    Is it a good choice. I want to stay under 125 dollars.

    Sorry for going out of topic, but my case is not cooperating.

    Its so hard.
  21. Check to see if the screws remove before you order it, save the trouble:)
  22. alright hopefully they can take them out.
    I would wait before buying a new mobo.
    the x58 are coming out lets see what they have to offer.
  23. what are the x58 mobos i have no idea i am a newbie

    by the way what are those screw like things called any idea
  24. they are new motherboards for the next gen intel cpus.
    sorry i dont no what they are called but i do no what your talking about.
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