Noob Needs Help w/ Audio

Hi, I just finished putting together my new rig.
EVGA 790i, E8500, 9800 GTX+.... And it is working great.

The only problem is the EVGA 790i has an onboard HD sound card. This would be nice if I had HD speakers, but I don't. So my question is How do I get my old speakers to work?
I've tried them in all slots. The speakers have the one green cable.
Playing games with no sound sucks.

Also I tried my headphones in the Headphone Slot, but no sound there either.
Do i have to go into my BIOS. (I don't like to, unfamiliar)

Please help me!
Thanks, Juss.
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  1. LOL, sorry for the noob post.
    I know what I had wrong. I need the lastest Drivers. I knew there was one that slipped by me!

    Sorry again.
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