Emachine hard drive as slave on dell dimension

Have old emachine 80G HD hooked up as a slave (used to be master) drive on my new Dell Dimension, but can't find 40G in music & photo folders that used to be on the desktop of the old emachine????

Have done searches on drive......gone into almost every file/folder I can find but no music folders. Have searched for mp3's jpeg, folder names (including hidden folders) and nothing!

Properties shows the music there in shear GIGAGE as only 1.5 G is left on the drive because about 40G is music.

How do I find the folders from the desktop? I've gone into EVERY folder, everywhere named "desktop" and nothing is there?


Dino tunzmaster@hotmail.com
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  1. In XP and 2000, the Desktop folder is

    <Drive>:\Documents and Settings\<UserName>\Desktop


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