yesterday AMD system need help

first, let u guys know my spec:

CPU : AthlonX2 5200+ 2,6GHz
mobo : biostar nforce 550
RAM : 2x1gig visipro pc 5300 5-5-5-15
PSU : enlight 420w pure
VGA : hd 4870 512MB

alright, honestly i will tell u that's not the ideal gaming rig to play. but, since i have very limited budget after buy that 4870, my options are where i need u'r advice..
i have some option in mind : 2 more 1gig ram pc 5300 and go with vista 64 bit. this will cost $25 2x2 gig pc6400 go vista 64bit but will cost double than first option ( is that worth it to change to pc 6400 for double money?). new mobo, n that would be 780G, to improve pci-e bandwith..but actually i don't wanna buy AMD proc anymore in future..

i just wanna make crysis and warhead run smoothly on my PC, without serious lag, especially when using high(gamer) texture. i know that 5200+ can't reach the core2 performance.but i've heard that this game is more RAM bounding than CPU bounding.( at this point i need some result from you who using 5200+ proc with 4gig RAM).
so guys, please help me with serious and construstive advice based on my options..
i also need some advice to overclock my notBE-5200+ athlon.just tell me the combo of clock n voltage that works fine in u'r rig.
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  1. Your PSU is questionable in that system all ready so you might have to budget a replacement in.
  2. your system looks fine but i would change the memory to pc2 6400 4GB($50~60 from NE), upgrade to a better PSU... 550w~650w will do and stay away from brand Rosewell.

    i use 3 pc (2 desktop & 1 notebook)and 1 of them have
    AMD Windsor X2 5200 @ 2.9Ghz
    Asus M2N32 Sli Board
    2 x 8800GS (OC'd)
    4GB (2x2GB) Patriot DDR2 800
    Antec 500 or 550w PSU (i don't remember)
    Vista X64

    and this system still kicks ass. plays crysis @ VH without lags. this is my back up PC.
  3. thanks for quick reply..
    yeah, i've already posted some issue in my system.but, after install new driver many of that problem had been resolved.
    actually all my game except crysis run pretty well at good frame rate,never crash or BSOD.that including DMC4 at 1680x1050, i think that crappy enlight could feed my system not too bad. but if you think so, what is the best option should i do first,upgrade the PSU or buy RAM,or mobo?i really can't afford all those options at this time, neither 2 of them in the same time.
    for u peanutpc, what's your setting for core,mem and HT voltage?
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  5. I would replace the PSU first. If you spend around $100~140 you could get a kickass PSU. I got Hiper 880w PSU from newegg for around $130ish on my other gaming rig and it handle everything i throw at it. AMD X4 9950BE, 2 x 4850 & 2 x 500GB HDD. Later on, if you upgrade to CF MB, you could add another 4870 in there no problem.

    My Windsor is at 224 x 13 @ 1.4v stable all day long... I have ARCTIC COOLING Freezer 64 Pro and it idle @ 32~35c and 45c full load. If I put it to stock speed, it goes down to 27c idle @ 1.25v.
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