Vista Won't Boot, Please Help!!!!!!!!!

I have been trying for countless hours to figure out why my vista os will not boot up. It downloads from 25%-75% of the files and then automatically shuts down the computer. I have tried using one ram stick (2gb) instead of 4gb. I tried the ram stick in different slots.. still nothing worked. I did use the floppy disk to get the hard drive drivers. Please help me, I have tried everything!!! My motherboard is Asrock 4core1600twins-p35. My memory = ddr2 2 x2 2gb 1066. The manual did say something about fixing the jumpers if you had a combination of a 1333mhz fsb for your cpu and 1066 memory. Could this be what is holding me back? I really doubt it because the ram still functions, just at 667mhz instead of 1066. My BIOS settings are at exactly what the manual says to use, but it still won't work. This is sooo annoying! Please someone help me :(.
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  1. Start with some basic tests to make sure your hardware is working OK:
    1) Boot from a memtest86+ CD or floppy and run the test O/N to make sure you don't have any obvious errors.
    2) Boot from an Ubuntu 8.10 "Live" CD to make sure your hardware is working in general.
    3) Boot from the original Vista DVD and try a repair install (maybe your original Vista install got corrupted).
  2. So the first problem i see is that the ram obviously isn't running the right speed which can definitely cause your system to hang.

    I do think you should attempt to set that jumper as suggested, however we would need to know more about the hardware specs. For instance I can't tell if your cpu is a fsb 1333.

    Please list all components including cpu, power supply, video card etc.

    Also attempt to enter bios and see what the current bios version is. May be needed to flash upgraded bios for newer proc.
  3. @buzznut, I did fix the jumpers and it still isn't working. I use a yorksfield q9300 quad-core processor 1333fsb. Gtx 260. Asrock 4core1600twins-p35 mobo. Seagate 7.11 500gb hard-drive 32mb cache 7200rpm. ICH9 and p35 chipsets. 0CZ ddr2 memory 1066mhz. I do not know what the timing should be, but when I tried the original timings vista still wouldn't boot, and same thing happened when i set the timings to 5-5-5-15. I am using the cd/dvd drive from my old hp drive, but I don't think that would be the problem.

    All the power cords are plugged in correctly. I am using an internal floppy drive, and I did format the floppy for a DOS start up or whatever its called. When I used the help support dvd to get the HDD drivers, It did go to the floppy, but I don't know if its supposed to do something after that? Maybe the drivers didn't get on the HDD and that could be why vista can't finish downloading the files.

    I have tried clearing the cmos, but vista still wouldn't boot.

    The motherboard does say it supports instant boot, but I think you need to put that on a floppy from a different computer and then use it on the other one. The only thing is I think that might not work and screw up my system, and that would just create worse problems.

  4. by the way, I have a 1000w PSU with 80% + efficiency. And I am trying to use windows 64-bit. My processor has intel 64 architecture so I think there should be no limit for the amount of RAM.

    HELPPPP :(.
  5. Ok, so I finally got vista files to download and once it was completing the installation it shut down and no matter what i try It says it cannot finish installing it, please restart installation. Well everytime I try to install it again it either says cannot do it or shuts down. This is f@%!king pissing me off... Please someone help me :/.
  6. have u tried using another powersupply that u may have laying around to see if that may be the problem
  7. no I haven't.. but now It's REALLY acting up.. I can't even turn the computer on. I don't think it is the PSU because it stopped turning on after I re-plugged in the reset cord. This is turning into a nightmare :/. I can't do anything. Even when I will get it to turn on again, it won't be able to install vista. uGGGH. Need major help atm :/.
  8. try a different psu and see what happens
  9. I need the PSU I'm using at the moment because it's 1000w and my other is 350w. I have to use my gtx 260 for DVI display, and I'm using a quad-core cpu, floppy-drive, cd/dvd drive, mobo, ddr2 1066 (2gb atm), and a fan.

    350w just won't be enough :/. Any other suggestions?
  10. you said u cant even turn the computer on, so that means that you have some type of electric problem. try taking away de video card and test your machine with the other psu and see, maybe the new psu is damage, never know
  11. I would go ahead and try the 350 watt psu. since the gpu isn't really doing much during the install process it shouldn't suck up so much juice. Worse case senario your gpu will cause stability problems.

    Or you could go pickup a cheapo psu locally.
  12. Rather than just asking for more help, why not try what I suggested in my first post above?
    Also, what version is your BIOS? According to AsRock, if you have an M1 stepping e9300, you need BIOS version P1.30 or later.

    It would also help if you could describe exactly what you are trying to do. "booting" just means turning on the computer and having it load whatever OS has been installed. "installing" Vista 64 seems to be what you are trying to do, not "booting". Is that right? Have you made sure you are trying to install the 64-bit version of Vista and not the 32-bit version?
  13. Ok well it is turning on again, and when vista attempts to load it says an unexpected error occured or it lost power unexpectedly and cannot proceed with the installation, please restart the installation. Well, when I try to restart the installation it shuts down. My computer almost always shuts down after short periods of time and it is SO annoying. It isn't my power supply.

    And yes I am sure it is 64-bit. Should I try flashing the bios with the new version? I really don't know how to do this, and is it dangerous? Please help.
  14. @Mondoman, I do not have any cd's to use the ubuntu or memtest86 tests. I am almost sure my hardware is not the problem. I do not know how to do a repair install. When I reboot the computer with the Windows Vista DVD in, there is not an option to do a repair install, not that I saw. Please tell me where or how to find the repair installation option.

    Also, why is my computer shutting down so much by itself?

  15. Sounds as if the longer you try to keep the computer on the shorter it stays running. I'd be sure the CPU heatsink is making good thermal contact with the CPU. An overheated CPU will almost always shut down the system.

    Then I would try the most basic of start up. I stick RAM, the video card, the CD/DVD and the hard drive. No other cards.

    Are there any beeps (more than the one at start up)? Is there an operating system on the machine now? Do you have and XP disc? You might try to do an install with that just to see if it will go. Is the VISTA disc clean? No finger prints, scrapes or scratches?
  16. The cpu is fine it runs at about 30C mobo at 25C. I do run the computer with just ram video card cd/dvd and cpu.
  17. Can you see if your motherboard caps are leaking. if they are they may be the problem.
  18. i just wanted to know why you said the psu is not the problem? i mean you are asking for help and we are trying to help, but i dont see you actually doing these things, it is so hard to buy a few blank CDs and do some test?? or even trying to see if the other psu can help you. anyway good luck in figuring your problem out man.
  19. winly, I have tried doing a memory test and it was fine. and 350w wont be enough because I HAVE to use the gtx 260 to connect to my monitor...

    I guess I will try flashing the BIOS or keep trying to reinstall vista without it shutting down in the middle of the installation.

    I have another idea. I could use the hard drive from my other computer that has Windows XP on it and plug it into my mobo without the hard drive im using at the moment. Then I could try to upgrade the xp to vista? and then later on I could re-install the hard drive I have in my new computer. Do you think this would work or would it screw with the BIOS by putting a hard drive with an operating system already installed?
  20. Is this a new build or did you have XP running on it? If it's new you need a cheap PCI video card and monitor to swap out. Seems like a video card or PSU problem. Possibly memory if you've got the bios screwed up.
  21. well you can use the onboard video card for that, you dont need the video card to install windows, use the onboard with the other psu and see, if the problem does not appear it is the other psu that is damage.
  22. winly, there is no onboard video on his MB. However, I agree that it sounds like a hardware problem. Stop worrying about installing Windows until you get the hardware problem (power supply?) solved. After that, Windows should install just fine. I would just buy a $20 graphics card and use that while trouble-shooting.
    What version is your MB BIOS?
    What brand and model number is your PS?
  23. my bad. i didnt know that mobo didnt have onboard video.
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