What causes PC not to wake up after OC?

I went successfully to 3.4 on an X58 with an I7 920.
All my tests were great, great temps, etc...

The only problem was that when I put the PC to sleep later when I'd push the power button the mobo LED lights would stay on and the fans would run like crazy, I'd have to turn off the power by holding dowm the power button and then power back up.

Then it would show a different plain desktop type window and would say it was resuming, then it would go to the opening screen with my icon and the change user icon and everhthing was fine.

Until I figure it out I have returned to optimized defaults.

I will now read the OC guide at the top of this forum as I am new. Thanks, Aaron
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  1. Please note that I took 5 OC's and tested the PC in OCCT while monitoring with Real Temp between each one, to get up to 3.4. I progressed very slowly.

    Everything seemed perfect until I put it to sleep.
  2. Does this problem happen at default BIOS settings?
  3. No, everything is fine at default.
  4. Try updating the video drivers and see if that helps.
  5. I'll check NVIDEA and see if I have the latest driver or not.

    Thank you.
  6. Okay, I'm downloading the latest driver and then I'll try my last OC settings.
  7. okay, hope it works...
  8. overshocked said:
    okay, hope it works...

    How would a video driver cause a PC after OC'ing to not wake up if put to sllep?
  9. Driver is installed, waiting for another reply before trying the OC.
  10. I have no idea why it does it, but it is a known problem.
  11. Okay, I'll go to my last successful OC settings and if it goes well, it should, I'll try putting her to sleep, wait a bit and see if she wakes up.

    Thanks, Aaron
  12. Never again, I drove 40 miles round trip yesterday and today because once I sucdessfully OC it its fine until I put it to sleep or shut it down.

    Then I get the error message that it will not come out of hibernation mode, there is nothing I can do to get it to F8 after start-up, or to reset the CMOS, nothing works.

    The guys at Best Buy could not believe it happaned again.

    They didn't charge me though, but everytime I overclock it I 'll have to take it back to them.

    I am fine at 2.67-2.8 stock.

    I can fly in FSX with most sliders set to max locked at 30FPS with an occasional dip to 28FPS, and FSX is about the mosr resource hungry game out there.

    Even recording with Fraps and full settings I only dip to 28 FPS in FSX.

    COD?WAW is crazy smooth as is everything else I've tried.

    My quality settings for my GTX 260 card is 16 AA with all the extra AA options checked in Enhancer, all settings set to maximum quality, FSX maxed out almost completely, and staying at 30FPS is not bad, at stock settings, I'll leave well enough alone.
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