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I'm trying to build a nehalem system over christmas. I have most everything figured out, but this is my first build, so there a couple things that I'm not sure of. Is the stock heatsink and fan good enough? I will attempt to overclock, but probably not more than 3GHZ. I've posted the build so far. Only reason I'm going with i7 is because I do a lot of architecture stuff (rhino/vray/max). I know I still need a case fans.
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  1. oc=no

    thermalright ultra-90 with new 1366 adapter - fit all cases

    the 120 hits door fans many times
  2. i was able to oc i7 920 to 3ghz with the stock fan no problem. temp is still cool...
  3. dragonsprayer, roadrunner197069 is running his i7 on stock HSF OCed to 3.8Ghz (P95 load @75C).


    So you should be able to hit 3Ghz on stock with P95 load at ~60C. This is temporary, so not too bad.

    HOWEVER I DO recommend you get a good HSF before going higher than 3Ghz.
  4. You can OC to 3.6 on the stock cooler no problem.

    I cant see any reason to stop at 3.0
  5. Quote:
    You can OC to 3.6 on the stock cooler no problem.

    I cant see any reason to stop at 3.0

    I was only able to get 2.9 with the stock fan. You will maybe get on 3.0 but no way you will get on 3.6 with the stock fan.
  6. I got a core i7 920 OC'd on the stock fan to 3.6, but a Prime95 torture test pushed the BIOS reported temp to 90 degrees C.

    At 3.2, the temp dropped to 85 degrees C.

    At the stock speed, 2.66, the temp hovers at 66-67 degrees C.

    The torture test pushes all 8 cores to 100% utilization. I can't imagine that can happen for an extended period of time under real world conditions, but with that said, what's the farthest the temp can/should be pushed?
  7. I'm seeing very high temps with Prime95 also.

    The top of my CPU seems arched. So I'm really only getting good contact on a 3/8 inch wide strip through the center of the CPU HS contact area. I have a NH-C12P cooler but am not getting the idle temps reported by reviewers. I'm getting Vista idle temps of 36C. My Prime95 test hit 90C and was still rising when I stopped it. I don't know how high it was going to go. I have a Core I7 940 CPU OC'ed to 3.3GHz.

    Whatis the maximum temperature I should let this thing hit?
  8. what's its tjmax? any different from the other 45nm's?
  9. V3NOM said:
    what's its tjmax? any different from the other 45nm's?

    Tj Target is contained within an MSR so it is read by all programs that have been modified to do so. If it changes at any time it won't matter like it would with Core 2. 100C seems to be typical though.
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