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I have a c2d e6750 on Gigabyte P35C DS3R board with 4gb (2x2) corsair PC2-6400 ram. I wanted to try overclocking for the first time. I only changed the CPU Host Clock Control to Enabled and CPU Host Frequencey (mhz) to 400 and left everything else at default.
I check with CPU-Z at I see that core speed is at 2400 Mhz at 6x multiplier but sometimes jump to 3000Mhz at 8x multiplier for a few seconds. Core voltage usually at 1.408 sometimes go to 1.392. Also, clicking on SPD tab, I see that JEDEC #1 and JEDEC #2 are different. #1 is at 270 MHz (4-4-4-13-15) while #2 is 400Mhz (5-5-5-18-22) both at 1.8V.
Am I doing this right? I don't know what the numbers mean. I just find it weird how the core speed fluctuates like that. PLease help noob. Thank you.
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    Fluctuating multiplier and in effect core frequency is due to powersaving features like C1E or SpeedStep. Voltage dropping under load is quite common as well, I wouldnt worry much about it.

    SPD tab shows modes programmed into the SPD, the one your memory actually runs at is shown in Memory tab.

    Read the guides i linked above, will help you understand a lot.
  2. Thanks for the reply. So did I do it right? I do not see a difference from before. Should I increase Mhz?
  3. In theory, yeah. Im not sure what difference you expected to see?
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