P5Q - Windows XP - Sound Device not recognized?

I just did a clean install of XP (nemesis 4) on a new hard drive, and my sound device isn't coming up for some reason. My motherboard is a P5Q, and after using the CD it came with to install all the drivers, it still says that the Realtek driver isn't installed (even though it manages to install all others.)

However, under Add/Remove, Realtek Driver comes up under the list of programs.
BIOS says: Onboard Audio is enabled (Realtek.)
Device Manager says: No sound card detected (lists a bunch of codecs and capture devices, but no realtek.)

Anyone have any idea what's going on? Last time I used this with another mobo, I had no issue. Help would be greatly appreciated, this is making me go crazy.
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  1. Nevermind. Found a PCI device not properly configured, after looking up the vendor info turns out it was the sound device. Forced MS audio driver install, then the latest was automatically installed.
  2. Buy a legitimate copy of windows XP - then maybe someone will be tempted to help you - or even better - maybe microsoft will.....
  3. ^+1.
  4. Lmao.
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