Adding a Vista harddrive to new Windows 7 Computer

I have a Gateway that has boot issues, not sure what it is yet(fans go on but no power light and no boot and when i opened it up I cracked the fan on the heatsink), so shes out of commish for a while.
but wanted to take the hardrive and transfer alot of music and video files to a new computer.

The harddrive in question is a Western Digital 320g and was from a Vista Gateway desktop and the new computer is a Windows 7 Desktop.

Can anyone suggest the best way to do this?
I'm not looking to permanently add this drive to the new computer, just want to transfer files from it then pop it back into the gateway which will become a repair project.

Thanks very much.
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  1. Connect the drive to the win 7 computer just as you would any other drive. Make sure bios is set to boot from the correct drive and load windows. The drive should show up in My Computer right away. Transfer files as you wish.
  2. sounds fairly simple. So turn off computer, un-plug it, connect 2nd hard drive. Turn computer on and go to bios?
  3. sweet, thanks guys.
    Appreciate the help.

    If there isnt room for the hard drive and its cage its ok just to connect it and lay it somewhere safe on the floor of the case?
    Is it important the hard drive cage be attached and secure, probably not, right?
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    Only reason I said to go into the bios is to make sure the connection the 2nd hard drive is attached to isn't set in the boot option before the current drive port. Just to make sure is all.
    You know if tries to boot off the wrong drive pretty soon.

    You will be ok to just lay the drive on the floor if the cables are long enough. I just wouldn't touch the drive once its powered on though. I have done this before many times with no problems.
  5. gotcha. So if I go into bios-just to make sure, what exactly am I looking for?
    Last time I went into bios i did something incorrect, tried to reboot and got "Computer dosent recognize an operating system"
    luckily i fixed it, but my bios comfort level is not robust.

    anyway. make sure the 2nd harddrive isnt a default drive?
  6. yes, have read that before, ground yourself before you touch the inside of computer.

    Alright fellas, Thanks alot. Have a great weekend.
  7. Ok, I connected the harddrive to the new computer, it comes up as drive E; However, I dont see my music files and videos, are they locked under a user name on the hard drive I added?

    Also, anyone know if somewhere in Call of Duty 4 MW files is the key code that is listed on the tray? It's needed to add the game to a new computer and I cant find the box.
  8. found the files, if anyone knows how to install this game without the box code please let me know, thanks.
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