ATI Radeon X1300 256 MB PCI-E Video Card

ok so i wasn't paying attention when i ordered my dell off ebay. i realized that it was a business computer with small form factor and a 210w power supply :( . Its the gx280 but upgraded to have 250g hardrive and 3g ram. Right now i'm just running on the Intel integrated graphics GMA 900. Games run absolutely terrible, only cs 1.6 is acceptable. its a 3ghz pentium 4 HT, so i figure i need a new graphics card to play games such as cs source and bf2. not a super great card but just something that will work (specificaly on a 210w power supply and it needs to be Low profile). So far i think my best option is the VisionTek VTK X1300256PCI-SFF Radeon X1300 256MB 128-bit GDDR2 PCI Low Profile Video Card. it recommended a power supply of 250w. do you think this will work in my computer??? ( and yes i have pci express port, amazingly).

This is my computer: (not exact one but you get this idea)

This is the card:

If your wondering why i chose this off all low profile cards, its because its the only decent one i could find with a reasonably low power consumption

thanks for any help!
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  1. i also found this. it looks like a good bet, not only because the price, but its also fanless= less power consumption. The only problem is i don't know if the case cooling would be good enough, considering there is very little convection. what do you think?
    and does anyone know if this one is 128bit
  2. Do yourself a favor, buy a decent power supply first, before shelling out $100 for a sub performing card.

    The X1300 was entry level when it was released several years ago, itwas a bad card then and it is an even worse card now.

    $40 will get you a PSU that will do the job, and you can pick up a cheap 8800 or 9800 for $100-$140.

    Do not let your power supply limit your options to the point of buying a substandard card for a higher price.
  3. yes but my dalema is that i have a sff pc. There are no upgrade power supplys that fit into my computer. I would have to mount it on the outside.

    Does this look normal to you?
  4. and is the x1300 that bad? i don,t want to be playing crisis or anything. just hl2, css, and bf2.
  5. As a former owner of a 512meg X1300 Pro, Yes... it really is that bad.
  6. any other help? what should i do considering i don't have much of a power supply option. do you know of any decent low profile 250watt and under cards?
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