Must Underclock Q6600

Hi folks, I'm having a problem with my Q6600 system. About a week ago my 400W PS failed and I replaced it with a new ThermalTake 550W unit. When I replaced it I cleared my BIOS settings, to which I believe I was OC'ing to about 3gHz. I really don't remember what the settings were since it'd been OC'd for about 2 years now. I started getting BSODs and random shutdowns even with default 2.4gHz settings. Temps are fine (highest is 37°C at idle) but anything which requires a lot of memory or CPU power shuts it down or BSODs (with Machine_Check_Exception 0X0000009C (0X00000000, 0XF772B050, 0XB2000040, 0X00000800)). I thought maybe I got a bad PS so I exchanged it for a Corsair TX650W. Still having the same problems and in order to get the system stable I actually have to UNDERclock the CPU - currently running at 2352mHz and stock voltages. I've cleaned the MB, wiped down all contacts for the GPU, CPU, and memory with q-tips and alcohol. Reseated the CPU and GPU heat sinks with new Arctic Silver. I also pulled 1/2 the memory and swapped back and forth to rule out a bad stick.

Do you think when the original PS went out it took something with it? And if so, what? I ordered a new Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P from Newegg yesterday hoping that it may be a MB problem.

My setup:
MSI P35 Neo F Rev 1.0
Q6600 G0 currently 392 X 6
AC Freezer 7 Pro HSU
MSI 8600GT 512Mb
4 x 1Gb Supertalent T8UB1GC5 PC6400


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  1. Why are you running such a high FSB? Have you tried 333 x 9? for 3.0 as maybe your north bridge is being pushed too hard.

    Did you make sure that when you reset the bios you put you memory multiplier back to what its needs to be. I know my board will overclock the memory with the cpu if the multiplier is not set right.

    Other then that, yes some damage can happen when a psu fails. It should not, but not all psu's are created equally.
  2. Heh, 9x333 won't even POST. When I reset the BIOS I went back to all Auto settings. It won't run stable even at 9x266 for 2.4. I was shooting for a 1:1 with the memory for more stability. I agree the FSB is high but it's running better this way, just slightly slower than normal. Can't run any games or multiple applications for risk of crashing. Any other recommendations?

    When the old PSU failed, I came home and the computer was off. Tried turning on and wouldn't POST. Hell, it didn't do anything!

    I'm wondering where the problem is here. What would cause instability with default settings? If it were the CPU I would think the 15°C lower temps I have now (as opposed to OC temps) wouldn't really matter. Still 50°C idle/62° loaded wasn't pushing that hard. That's why I sprung for a new MB. I guess we'll see in a few days what the results are.
  3. Well, keep us posted.

    If the psu sent out high voltage when it died, sometimes the cpu can get a spike. This can cause damage, but its hard to tell until you get your new mobo.
  4. Problem solved! Turned out the PSU took out the MB when it went. My new Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P is working great! Currently back up to 3.3 GHz and stable as a rock. Temps about 37 idle, and 68 peak under load on air. OC'ing is easy as hell with this MB! The voltage stabilization has vdroop at near zero with voltages just below 1.4v. I'm happy as a pig in s$!t again. :bounce: Helluva lot better than the old P35. AND I don't have any memory incompatabilities. :D
  5. Nice, I V-droop modded my board to solve v-droop issues :)

    Glad to hear its working again.
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