Does iceQ use more psu power?

I am going to buy a 2600xt agp off of newegg. i have a choice of getting the card with or without the iceq cooling fan and there is only about a $4 difference. the only reason i am not going ahead and getting the card with the iceQ cooler is because i have a 4 year old psu with only 400w and want the card to take up as little power as possible. does the iceq suck up more power? Thank you
here are the two cards:
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  1. Any power usage difference should be negligible. Having never used any of the products you have linked, I can only guess than the IceQ cooling system might actually use less power due to lower rpms, as the cooling system claims to be a quiet solution.
  2. I think it will use slightly more power, but not a lot more. I'd definitely get it because it's a dual-slot cooler, so it pushes all the hot air outside the case.
  3. 10w difference max if there is even any.
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