Burning/Reading DVD/CD Slows Down Computer

Whenever I read or write something from a CD/DVD, my computer slows down dramatically. I have a quad core with 4gb of ram and 1tb hdd. What could be my problem?
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  1. Your Hard Drive and/or your CD/DVD Writer might be running in PIO mode. Double check to make sure.
  2. It's not i checked before. It says ATAPI Cdrom at Ultra DMA mode 5, ATA Disk at Ultra DMA mode 6. DMA mode is enabled
  3. Yeah i dunno.
    Similar things happen to me... why does my laptop class cpu in my iMac write to usb hdd's faster than my quad monster?

    All i can put it down to is some unknown hardware of software inefficiencies.
    I don't have time to figure out a million little annoying things like that anymore.
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