New GeForce 9600 GSO = high pitch buzzing?

I just got a brand new eVGA GeForce 9600 GSO, plugged it in and noticed when anything comes on the screen and is active I get a high pitch buzzing sound. Sounds electrical but similar to a very active very small hard drive. Has anyone encountered something similar, I am about to RMA it but I need to do some testing first.

For example if I scroll a web page it buzzes as a scroll.
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  1. We had a similar post before, Its probably a transistor/capacitor resonating. Has been known to be a fan rubbing on the cover. However as it seems affected by you scrooling it would sugest electrical issues and some sort of interferance, Is your mouse wireless ? Im not an engineer but i think its possable that whatever is resonating has inadvertantly fell into sync with some other component on the PC and is causing some kind of feedback. Personally i would RMA the card.

  2. mine makes a quiet squeal when something graphically intensive happens. But during those parts of games i have the volume blasting anyway so i can't really hear it. Have you checked the fan blades for loose stickers or tape?
  3. you can always open the card and see if anything is possible blocking/touching the fan.
  4. Just installed a EVGA 9600GSO last week in a system, no buzzing, no squealing, no problems at all. RMA that sucker.
  5. Well I took the card out, unplugged all fans and even my HDD which is a SATA laptop HDD and I still get the buzzing sound it is just less noticeable. My theory is that it is my power supply that is causing the sound and the more power it draws the louder it becomes. The only thing making me not think this is that it is a brand new Corsair PSU.
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