Samsung SyncMaster 22" Widescreen LCD Monitor (T220)

Hello all,

So I finally decided to break down and buy a new monitor. However, I'm a tad bit confused when it comes to HD content and HDCP and all that kind of stuff.

I'm looking at getting the Samsung SyncMaster 22" Widescreen LCD (T220) but I'd like to know if it's the right choice based on my needs. I will be using my new rig for casual gaming, watching movies, and other regular everyday tasks (music, web surfing, etc).

I guess what I'd like to know mainly is if this monitor is able to display HD content at all and if so, does it look alright? From the reviews I've read around the web it seems to be able to display HD content fairly well but I've not been able to get a definitive answer. I'll definitly be using DVI over VGA (no brainer). And the Video Card my rig will have is the Sapphire Radeon HD 3870 512MB GDDR4 Single Slot model. I know this vid card is capable of full 1080p HD and "beyond", so I would think that as long as I used the DVI cable and had a Blu-Ray drive I could then watch HD content at HD resolutions on this monitor? The max res on this monitor is 1680 x 1050 (WSXGA+) so I know I wouldn't be able to watch at full 1080p but what about 720p or 1080i? I'm quite the noob when it comes to HD stuff...

Thanks for your help and time in advance!

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  1. there are 2 diffrent versions of that screen. one with HD suport, and one without. if you look them up, you'll see the regular pc-screen is cheaper and has a faster response time. the HD version has 5ms response, but HAS HD.
  2. I did notice the 2 different versions. I guess that answers my question though, the non HD will NOT display in HD mode even though it is HDCP compatible?... sorry if this is a stupid question, as I said, I am a noob when it comes to HD stuff..
  3. Vochtige is right, that monitor does come in two different models(T220 and T220HD) and only the HD model supports HDCP which you will need to watch blueray movies on it. You will be able to watch any movie supporting the current HD standards on it, but 1080p will probably be scaled down to fit the screen's lower resolution.
    *Edit* I did not catch the fact that the non-HD model does infact support HDCP, so you should be able to use that one just fine.

    While browsing the web I ran into the lenovo L220X, it's a 22inch panel with WUXGA resolution(1920x1200). It will support 1080p in all it's glory and supports HDCP. Cheapest price I have found is $355.04 here:
    So you might want to have a look at that.
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