Won't Boot After Installing Thermalright Ultra

I had temperature issues on my new p6t deluxe/ i7 build so I got a a thermal right ultra. However, after installing it, the computer won't boot. When I plug it in, the onboard power on and reset buttons light up, but nothing happens when i press them. No fans, nothing. Motherboard power plug is in, so is the 8 pin, along with the fan connectors. Is it possible that the heatsink itself is causing some sort of short? The stock intel heatsink for the i7 doesn't have a back plate, while the ultra does.

Everything worked right up until i had to pull out the mobo to put in the back plate.

any ideas? i off to replace the original heatsink and see what happens.
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  1. update:
    replaced original heatsink, no luck

    there is no visible damage other than the ring of metal dots around the mounting holes are worn off on the back side

    checked cpu, no pins bent. While i was using arcticlean on the cpu, a small amount ran over the edge and into the mounting stuff. Since it's mostly alchohol, i dont think this could have affected anything

    original heatsink with fresh paste is on right now. tried pulling out the battery and putting it back in, no luck.

    what are some test that i could do?
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