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I just got my ASUS mini-desktop back from ASUS for an OS reinstall. Everything seemed to be working fine until I tried to install my MS Office software and the disc drive wouldn't recognize the installation disc. It did recognize a CD rewritable, but then would not recognize any audio CD I put in.

Windows vista home premium OS. I've done a driver update and it tells me the best driver is installed. Driver is:


Any help appreciated.

Steve in NC
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  1. try going to device manger and unistall the drive by right clicking on the drive. it will be under the dvd/cd rom drive in the main list. you'll have to expand the list by clicking on the arrow next to it, right ckick the drive and click uninstall. then go to the top of the main list and right click "scan for new harware devices". it will find the drive and ask if you want to install it or it may do it automatically. then go back and retry the drive after rebooting. as a matter of fact. try rebooting ur machine first and try the drive. many time a reboot cures a lot of problems. example: i use a M-audio connective device "torq" to interface my dj equipment with my pc. many times ill click the torq program and it will open up and not function correctly. a variety of differnet problems no use in explaining them all. ive found that by simply rebooting the machine and going back to torq, all is well. give it shot and post back and let me know how this turned out for you.
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