E_fail xliveinitialize &xii

help me please i dont know how to fiks this e_fail: xliveinitialize &xii
if some body can help me please add me

Thanks for Understanding
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  1. Thats in Resident Evil 5 i need some body plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  2. i was also facing the same problem.
    problem is solved now( 100% working)

    1. go to c:\windows\system32
    2. make sure you have xlive.dll (if not download it)
    3. rename it to xlivestart.dll
    4. now run game
    it may show " xlive.dll" not found
    5. Now install xlive (you should have in RE5 redist or Redistributables, if not download it)
    6. Make sure c:\windows\system32 contain both xlivestart.dll and xlive.dll

    RUN game and enjoy
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