help me sell my computer!

hey all! I am currently selling my pc. I want to know if u guys have any tips or anything for selling and or advertisements!? thanks heres the link, oh and it actually is 2000 obo
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  1. Yeah I'll give you some advice. Upload a picture of it, don't accept checks, and don't agree to meet anyone in a poorly lit area ^_^. Also you may not want to put that your having financial problems. If they feel you are desperate they will offer you as little as possible and probably end up wasting your time.
  2. Too many exclamation points IMO
  3. No buyer in this Forum for that price. Usually used hardware gets a price reduction from new but then again there is always idiots out there.
  4. Also, don't mention it had a virus. If you got rid of it, no harm no foul, don't want to make someone think that it's a possible dud. Also, agreed, the system is nice but it is used. If you were selling it as a new system, folks might be willing to pay more. But maybe someone will decide they like it...
  5. okay i fixed alot of things u guys suggested. And lowered the price on it. Hopefully it will sell
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