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I'm thinking of buying the hanns-g 28" monitor since I can buy local for $400. Does anyone have this monitor and how is it? I've read reviews on new egg about lines or dead pixels but that was only a few that said that.

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  1. contrast ratio seems a little too low.
    hanns isnt a very good brand i would recommend acer for budget monitors or samsung for non budget.
  2. I was in your exact situation about a month ago. I had originally had a 20" monitor at 1680x1050 and wanted to get the 28" hannsg for about ~$500.

    After some searching i went and found one on display at my local bestbuy store and the image quality was not great. I won't say it was terrible but the colors just looked fake, and the viewing angles were noticeably poor. Even staring at the screen dead on made the top and bottom look like two completely different color settings.

    I looked into a few 24" monitors and decided to get one of them instead of the hanns. I'm glad I did because it looks so much better and the 24" still seems huge! With a 24" you get the exact same amount of pixels except they are not stretched out over a 28" screen. I love my Dell 24" and it was much cheaper.

    Anyway, good luck with your purchase decision.
  3. The screen stretch on the 28" is not bad, I have the 28" viewsonic, which I'm 95% sure is the same panel as the hanns. I'm loving it so far, it doubles as a PC monitor/TV for xbox. The big screen is actually a lot of fun.
  4. here's an article on 24"+ monitors over at anandtech

  5. While the hanns g is not perfect, i found it to be a great purchase. The viewing angle is far from great, but the colors and contrast get better with considerable tweaking.

    If you do video editing/photo editing, and picture quality is real important, i would get a good 24 inch.

    If all you are doing is gaming, watching movies, i found the hanns g to be a great value.

    My biggest concern would be getting if from newegg. The return policy on their lcd monitors leave alot to be desired. I would personally get if from costco.com. Even if you dont have a membership it would still be cheaper right now then newegg and the costco return policy on monitors is second to none.
  6. doomturkey said:
    The screen stretch on the 28" is not bad, I have the 28" viewsonic, which I'm 95% sure is the same panel as the hanns. I'm loving it so far, it doubles as a PC monitor/TV for xbox. The big screen is actually a lot of fun.

    I did'nt mean to say that the hanns-g was really bad, because for casual use and gaming I think it would be excellent. My only point is that you could get a little more image quality out of a slightly smaller screen for similar prices. Any screen over 22" is pretty cool to use!
  7. Thanks, I'm debating on maybe a tv that's 26" for about the same price now. I'm mainly looking for something supporting 1080p with fast response time and decent contrast for use with pc and xbox.
  8. I have it, picked up at Costco for $549.

    Great deal on a 28".

    Brightness is now at 38%, set waay too bright out of the box, that is why the display looks washed out.

    Got it home, calibrated it with my plasma/lcd dvd, and it looks outstanding.

    I like the native 1920 x 1200 res, as it is easier on my old eyes, but gives me lots of screen to look at, but keeps letters and numbers large enough to see.

    Came with one stuck pixel, but http://www.jscreenfix.com/ fixed it in a jiffy.

    Also needs to be tilted a tad down from vertical for best image on text.
  9. Well if you are looking for fast responce time and are going to game on the 360 and PC, then the Hanns-g is actually a pretty good fit for you.
  10. I see. I'm just concerned about it failing down the line and ghosting.... I planned on using it for gaming mainly and as a tv with a tv card.
  11. It has a 2ms response time which is good and when I used it in the store there was no ghosting. I'm usually pretty picky about that sort of thing and it seemed fine...aside from the things i mentioned above.
  12. I too wondered about that. It's the lowest priced 28" LCD ive seen and I figured that's due to the subpar quality. Personally, id rather have a huge LCD TV to use as a monitor, you get several times the size for only a little higher cost and it's a TV and monitor, no need to buy a seperate monitor!
  13. True but for 1080p lcd at the size it's cheaper by $200 plus I'm adding a card so I can watch tv on it. I already have one actually just need to steal it out of my dads pc lol.
  14. I have the hanns g 28" and I must say the image quality is horrendous.
  15. What makes you say it's horrendous?
  16. I've had a Hanns G 28" monitor since Jan. 08. I'm more than satisfied. For the price, well, it's a no brainer. I play a lot of games, Crysis, Crysis Warhead, COD series, Bioshock, Half-Life series, watch DVD's, taped sports, and I have no complaints - well save one, the rear control buttons, when you have to adjust, (very little for me), are not the most convenient.

    Dead pixels? There's no dead spots on my screen. It's big, it's bright, it's pretty clear, and it was about $500 vs $1300 for another brand when I bought it. I'd buy another one without question.

    One thing I know for sure - you'll quickly fall in rapturous love playing Crysis on this football field size screen! Best of luck Boredatcannon.
  17. its not any of your business boredatcanon
  18. ^^lol aren't you a helpfull soul :P
  19. A buddy of mine has one of the Hans 28", and other than adjusting the color and brightness of the monitor when he got it hes pretty happy with it.

    Im a stickler for a nice looking monitor, and hes even convinced me to buy one.
  20. I see, I'm debating on it or putting 600 for a 32" vizio 1080 pc TV. The fact that it has a higher contrast and is 6.5ms plus supporting use as a monitor is winning me over.
  21. 28" isn't that exciting anymore when you can buy a 1080p LCD monitor/TV sizes 37", 42" and up. Plus that will serve as a TV as well. Buy a LCD monitor and you won't have a TV
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