[Solved] Installing Win XP on Laptops w/ SATA Drives

I purchased a Compaq Presario CQ2-219WM (Walmart Special) and even tho it came with Win 7 I wanted to go back to Win XP
to continue using MIDI software that would not quite install properly w/ Win 7.

I first found that the SATA CD Drive would not be recognized in DOS.
but AHCI.SYS took care of that (google search ACHI.SYS - it is free).
However (for this model laptop) it would not work within CONFIG.SYS as expected.
It would work by using DEVLOAD.COM ( a command line device driver/loader) within AUTOEXC.BAT
followed by the usual MSCDEX.EXE statement.

In fact it loaded high into memory using the AUTOEXEC statement DEVLOAD /H AHCI.SYS /D:MYCDROM_
So now I could make DOS bootable CD's and bootable DVD's (where at least the CDROM Drive was recognized)
useful in running a GHOST backup if I ever get up and running!

But now with a DOS bootable CD and a Win XP i386 folder, I get an error that Win XP cannot recognize my SATA hard drive...
so using DEVICE MANAGER and Windows 7 - I identified my chipset as INTEL (vs AMD)
and I got an INTEL CHIPSET IDENTIFICATION UTILITY from their support site (for 64 bit Windows 7)

Running the CHipset Utility it listed my chipset as - INTEL MOBILE GL-40 and ICH9E SATA Controller and 82801H INTEL Graphics...

I downloaded ICH9 drivers from INTEL'S site and used NLITE to slip stream into a valid Win XP Installation CD.
The result is that the Win XP Installation could find the hard drive... but when it came to Win XP starting up for the first time...
the screen would go blue and the program would halt based on protecting my system from some hard drive anomaly.
I repeated this for their RST Storage Management Drivers and their F6 Floppy Configuration Driver Set based on ICH9 searches and to no avail...
I had a stack of useless Win XP Installation CD's on my kitchen table...

INTEL had no drivers listed specifically for MOBILE GL-40 (but they did have MOBILE SERIES 4 Chipset Drivers) and this is what I chose to try next...
I sure wish they would name their chipset packages more logically....
Cuz these worked!!!!
but specifying that GL-40 Chipset (not ICH9) for use with Win XP (32bit) gave me results
to their F6 Floppy Configuration Driver File which I used and which worked!!!!

using the same technique I used their INTEL GRAPHICS Driver matching MOBILE GL-40 Chipset w/ Win XP 32 bit.

- And Finally - :bounce:
I found this white paper put out by Microsoft stating that there are partition alignment issues with newer SATA Drives and older versions of Windows such as Win XP ------ this link is worth reading -----> http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c02691731.pdf

for those of you struggling with this same scenario - I hope this post helps and wish you luck...

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  1. You will not be a "Newcomer" for long. Your curiosity, persistence, and creative thinking have taken you down the path of knowledge. Good work!
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