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Greets all,

I have RAID 0 array of 4 hard drives. WinXP is provided by an additional HD not in the RAID array. My computer is having startup problems (shuts down immediately on startup). I am trying to fix that problem and have posted a different thread relating to that.

My question here is: assuming the 4 HDs that constitute the RAID 0 array ARE fine, is it possible for me to connect them to another computer which is set up for a RAID 0 array and recover the data from my HD's?

Is doing so dangerous to the data on my HD's?

Do the HD's have to be connected in the same exact order as they were on my older computer?

Does the new computer have to have the same motherboard in order to recognize the RAID 0 array properly?

Sorry for so many questions and maybe stupid questions... thanks for any help!!
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  1. there is a tool out there called RAID2RAID - its free and can mount the raid aray in another machine most of the time (and in read-only mode etc)

    if your data is that important tho, WHY THE HELL DO YOU HAVE IT IN RAID 0 AND WITHOUT BACKUP?!?!
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