How much higher?!!

I just finished putting my new system together this PM and I've already got a nice OC going on it of 4 GHz. It appears to be fairly stable thus far under Memtest and Prime95 power and heat testing. It has been 2.5 years since my last build and I am surprised how much the OC architectures have changed (though a little let down by how little the CPU speeds have changed since my Q6600 8800 GTX SLI build from July of 2007)...

The highest temperature I've gotten so far is 71 degrees in one of the cores.

My setup:
CPU: i7-920
Heatsink: Megahalem
Thermal: Shin-Etsu X23-7783D
CPU Fan: Delta 120 x 38mm Mega High-Speed 11-Blade Fan (217.8 CFM) **It's as loud as a hair dryer!! But not an issue because it will be in a separate noise controlled room from where I will be sitting.**
Mobo: Asus P6TD Deluxe
Memory: OCZ XMP Ready Series 6GB (3 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600
Case: Cooler Master HAF932
PSU: BFG Tech EX-1200 BFGR1200WEXPSU 1200W (I'll be adding another 5970 once it becomes worthwhile...)

Think it is worth pushing it any further with the OC? I had one of the first Q6600's so I was only able to get an OC to 3.2 GHz on it with the Ultra120, so while I would like to have more than 4 GHz, that 25% increase is still a decent jump when you factor in the GPU switch from those 8800 GTXs to the 5970. At what point will I be stressing the system too much for the diminishing returns to not be worth it?

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  1. Obviously this is a gaming rig, so unless you think that a few FPS is absolutely necessary, then why OC further?
  2. jedimasterben said:
    Obviously this is a gaming rig, so unless you think that a few FPS is absolutely necessary, then why OC further?

    Good point. I'm thinking that the only game I would need to improve FPS on with this setup is not going to improve much with any changes I make anyway, and right now I'm at a conservative number for heat output where I won't have to worry much.

    Perhaps I should work on moving towards a stable and safe OC on the 5970 now. They are supposed to have a good amount of head room.

    Do you think I would be CPU bound at 4 GHz if I upgrade to Crossfire with 5970 at some point (my resolutions will be 1920x1080 and sometimes the equivalent 2.35:1 ratio in a Home Theater)?
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