should i upgrade to 9800gx2?

hi, currently have 8800gts(g80) 640m, an option infront of me has oppend up, 9800gx2 used for 250$ nvidia origenal model, is it worth as an upgrade? my mother board doesn't support sli so i can't just get another 8800 card
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  1. Yes I would definitely go for it. I upgraded from a superclocked 8800GT (which is faster than a g80-gts) to a 9800gx2 and it is like night and day.

    The GX2 will hold its value a little longer than say a gtx260. I can't see its resale value dropping below ~$200 any time soon!

    Also if you wanted a brand new one, newegg is selling them for 279.99 (It is the evga brand which has the step up program)
  2. forgot to mention i am in canada, so thats 250 canadian tax included, and newegg doesn't ship it here
  3. newegg does for canada, the canada site just launched....
  4. ahh thx, sadly the new newegg canada comes with sad canadian pricing i can get anywhere in canada, 9800gx2 cheapest $333.49, and the next one is 499
  5. Well getting it used is fine...I would go for it.
  6. i have a 260! the old one. :ouch:
  7. The GX2 can still take any card out there. As long as you don't go insane with AA while running at 1920/1680, you will be fine with it.
  8. GX2 is the second fastest card on the market.

    I went through quad 9800 GX2, tri 260s and tri 280s and also the 4870 X2.

    While the GX2 holds it's own at avg frame rates in quad, it does have tendencies to drop to 20 fps or even lower in random place (Crysis and source engine games are most noticeable) also from my own experience, anything that is over 4x AA will cause the GX2s to hurt bad, although that doesn't mean the game becomes unplayable, but we're talking big hit.

    Example 1920x1080 Crysis with 4x AA quad sli it worked very well at around 30 fps AVG. When I cranked up the AA to 8xs AA the game just plummeted to 12-15 fps.

    The only problem with the GX2 is the ram count, if we would've seen a 2 gig GX2 (1 gig per PCB) then it would still be a outrageous card that was a must have (although it still is technically for the price).

    I've learned alot, and I can tell you that Min frame rates matter ALOT more than avg. I mean even though when I had 2 260s GTXs in SLI the frames in some games weren't quite as high as the QUad GX2s but the game was generally alot smoother (I'm really picky you might not see it).

    I would say that the 9800 GX2 or the 4870 1 gig would do you wonders. If you want another cheap solution buy the old 260 GTX can be found for 239.99 in stores in Toronto.
  9. L1qu1d, do you have any problem running a 280 card with vista "64bit" ? i have. :cry: how do you do it?

    when i am playing games i never use the special AA,etc features that video cards offer, i prefer playing everything at 1280x1024 (or maybe 1680x1050) with no AA's,etcs.

    the 8800gts is pretty old by now. i would get the best i can afford. the gx2 is a very impressive card to look at (imo). and playing with it too.
  10. I haven't had any problems with the GX2 8800 GTS 320 9600 GT 260 GTXs 4870 X2 and 280 GTXs when it comes to Vista 64 lol.

    Well the GX2 in Quad gave me trouble, it worked fine and everything, just switching to quad sli from single GX2 took like 10 minutes, and the same with the driver installation but the card worked great!

    I can't stand the screen flashing:P
  11. The 9800GX2 is a great choice especially now with the price drops.
  12. I would agree with that, the 9800 GX2 or the 260 GTX (if you can find it for around 200$ is the best choice.

    Just I don't recommend Quad SLI unless your desperate for some frames, I mean it works well alot of the times, but sometimes with AA it falls flat on it's face. The GX2s have problems with min frame rates, for some reason they have a very strong AVG frames but their min frames sometimes goes as low as 1 9800 GTX, or lower sometimes.

    I read in Maximum PC from the interview with Nvidia they had was that Nvidia wants to phase out driver support for the GX2 Quad and thats why I got scared and just traded off my GX2s:)

    But as a single card it should do u fine with or with out the min frame rate drop:)
  13. well finaly i went completely oposite and maneged to get a ati 4870 for 250$ only 1 month old with full recipt from bestbuy(the person who i got it from got it from best buy)

    512mb evrsion
  14. how are you getting on with the switch from nvidia to ATI devils-haven any problems
  15. not realy, fsx maybe adde 1 or 2 frames, counter strike has lower fps at some places(i think its due to how ati shuts down its clock when its not busy it still goes 200fps virtualy everywhere) crysis, and crysis warheads runs perfectly on everything maxed out even some AA(with AA just under 30fps at some places but very playeble) supreme commander doesn't even break a sweat all max and AA.

    if i manualy controll the fan to max its realy loude, doring normal gameplay it never turns itself to max speed other then that its hard to tell because the 8800gts was a fast card at most games too probebly just crysis i had slowdowns with
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