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well im thinking of rebuilding my pc and i want to know if my set-up will be able to play COD4 maxed out.

the links are as follows:




any other questions just ask :)
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  1. Wow, that's a good deal on the CPU and MB. RAM is so cheap lately you should consider 4GB instead of just 2GB. Also, that board is limiting as to what it can support since going by the MSI website it looks like it won't support any of the Phenoms. With the BIOS update it will support a up to a Brisbane 6000+, or a Windsor 5600+, but not a Windsor 6000+ or 6400+.

    I think the CPU may be a little weak to max out all the settings. What resolution do you want to play COD4 at anyway? You will probably get some dips in FPS if you play it higher than 1680x1050, but at that resolution and below it should be fine. What are the components you currently have? What is your current PSU?
  2. 1280x1024 is what im hoping 4. problem is that unless u can find sumtin better this is the max i am gonna spend on a system. and all i need to get is Mobo/CPU, videocard, hard-drive, ram, and a cpu cooler and i got the rest.

    as 4 the ram will upgrading to 4gb really make that much of a difference? and if u can find a better mobo that would b great i guess, less limiting but same price lol. Good luck and thanks a bunch
  3. You should be fine at that resolution and you should be able to max out most of your graphical settings. You could go with an Athlon 5000+ and this Biostar board from new egg.

    since it's got a combo deal for $124.49, but that's like a 25% increase for the board and CPU over what you picked. It's always good to get more RAM, but it seems that board can only support up to 2GB so that Corsair RAM will just have to do.

    Oh yeah, make sure you have a powerful enough PSU to run everything since you don't want to spend all that money only to have it shorted out by a weak PSU.
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