How do i partition my hard drive?

cant get a clear answer from googling to find out what way to partition my 750gb HDD that will be used for music/movies/games and such, my 250gb will be used for my windows xp and drivers. if anyone could help thanks. i don't know the difference with primary/extended partition and stuff
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  1. In order to partition a hard disk, go to "Control Panel", "Administrative Tools", "Computer Management", "System Tools", "Storage", and then "Disk Management". Right click on the unallocated disk area and follow the partitioning wizard.

    I usually make a C partition of about 100 gig and put all my data on the D partition when I have a computer with a single hard disk. Otherwise, I use a small hard disk as a C drive containing the OS and install a large hard disk as a D drive for data. The big advantage of partitions is that you can re-install the OS without loosing your data.
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