Video Card for DVI > HDMI to Samsung 61" DLP HDTV


I have a Samsung 61" 720p DLP Television... I need a video card that is CONFIRMED working with a
DVI > HDMI connetor to that TV... So far i have tried both an NVIDIA Quaddro FX1500 and a ATI FireGL 7200... both with the latest drivers have features for custom Resolutions, and for HDTV "fit to desktop"... but both leave a black boarder on the top and side of the TV... Has anyone used a video card with the same setup/cable that uses 100% of the TV screen?? your help/input is appreciated!!!

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  1. The Ati 4850 and 4870 100% do; and they come with a dvi to hdmi adapter as well (which also carries audio). Not sure if the 46xx do...

    *edit* the 46xx will definitely work; I'm just not sure if they include the adapter or have built in sound.
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