HP pavilion a1320n not booting got Elitegroup Mainboard

Hi Pros,I got this pc for 2 and a half yr.Last week it was very slow I thought there is virus.Ok took this to PC shop could not find any thing.Then one day it is not booting up at all then I took this back to that pl.They try to change Ram no luck one stick work but when they shut it down it is not booting up at all .Then they tried few more Stick few go to bois and freeze and few go to XP logo and freeze.Right now they told me this could be Mainboard,CPU.

Could you help me coz its not old PC.Other shop was saying this could be your Harddrive then they disconnect Harddrive but no luck.Then they said this could power supply.Now I do not know what to do is it cooked.

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  1. You're going to to have to read up on diagnostics and decide if you want to change the motherboard or power supply yourself. If not, I would save up for a new pc, and next time, read up on the free anti spyware and cleanup software before even taking it to a shop. It's still available; microsoft even offers a new anti spyware program with vista free with one of their security upgrades. Whenever I have a problem, I carefully remove the motherboard and place it on a phonebook or cardboard box and start over with just one stick of memory, cpu/heatsink, and video connected to get the board to the post screen. You can read some faqs on this website or download most motherboard manuals free off the manufacturer's website. It's one source I use before ordering some motherboards. A good board will have a manual you can understand. If you decide to take apart the pc yourself, use an anti static strap wrapped tightly around your wrist to prevent static damage to the board circuits, and draw a diagram of all the power supply and drive connections before starting.
  2. Thk for the reply so it is Mainboard since it is not working and techy suggest me to buy new one rather spend on this so I will try to fix and learn.So you think it is mainboard.THKx
  3. Friend of mine brought display card with him and replace it then it boots up and then we try to add other ram stick and boot it again no luck then we took that ram stick out again and put the ram again that was working OK .Now no luck again.It look like it was display card but now it is again not booting up what you think.is it mainboard,display card,ram or CPU.Thk for reading and reply hardware guru
  4. My last response was to give you some direction to do your own diagnostics. I don't know if your board, memory or power supply is the problem. If you can get your pc back to working (slowly) with just one stick of memory and any video setting, I would first check for viruses and run some free anti spyware, such as spybot, before trying any new parts again. Spybot will run a check for any programs that slow your pc down, giving you the option of deleting them. My original "bare post" recommendation was to get your setup working. By adding components one at a time, you might get an idea of where the problem is. Only you know all the changes that have occured recently; any third party like me is only guessing. If you want to use your latest video card, add it last, only after removing the current video driver, downloading the latest nvidia driver to "my documents", and shutting down. If the system reboots into windows, then you can try the new driver.
  5. Thkx for your respond I guess I missed but this was never a virus problem at all coz few days before all this happen I install new window.It was not even connected with internet I was only use it for word processing I got my laptop from office that is online.
    It is hardware problem not software problem.
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