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Hello all,

I want to build my very first desktop. I have an idea of most of the parts I would like to get. Here are a few of the main parts ; Intel Q9650, radeon 4870x2, Asus P5e3, Mushkin 4gb (2x2), 3x250gig hdd (not sure of brands yet), Thermaltake 750w PSU, Thermaltake heatsink (maybe a liquid cooled setup depending on the difficulty rating of that), I am also torn between gettign a sound card or just leaving it at the integrated level. Any and all feed back and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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  1. Wow! Your speding alot on a first build!
    What is your budget?
    What is the plan for this computer?

    Here are some things to consider:
    1) I wouldn't even touch a $1000 CPU (q9650), I'd probably buy the q9300/9400/9550 and save $650-800!!!
    2) I probably wouldn't get 3 HDD's unless I'm putting 2 in RAID 0 configuration and than have 1 large drive for data. So maybe 2 x 320gb ones and 1 750gb one.
    3) I'm not a Thermaltake PSU fan, but the Corsair tx 750w PSU is nice. If your going for a possible x-fire setup, than I'd probably start around the 750w range for the PSU.
    4) I'd also consider the Antec 900 case or the Cooler Master 690 case. Both are around $100 and have plenty of room for stuff.
  2. Thanks Lunyone :)

    Well I dont really have a budget except I know I dont want to go over 3k!!
    I plan on using this computer mainly for gaming and music, but in the near future (couple months) I will be doing some video editing. So a Raid 0 combines 2 drives into one? ( sorry still a little knew). Whats a good CPU for gaming, looks like i might have to research CPU's some more :) I want a kick butt system that I wont have to upgrade for awhile.
  3. The Q9550 is at the sweet spot right now in terms of cost. Here's a good site to look over with several short tutorials that will help with RAID, HDs
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