Nvidia 260 still better than 4870 becuase of optimizing????

hi, i'm going to build a new computer before christmas with the 2.93ghz i7 cpu, ddr3 ram, and now im looking at the graphics card. I noticed that most of the games i play or will be playing have that---Nvidia the way its ment to be played. I mostly play crysis, stalker and am looking at spore, far cry 2, and fallout 3. I was looking at the 4870 1 GB(or the 4870x2 if i could afford it). Since most of these games are Nvidia optimised should i just go with the 260 core 216 or the 280??

From most benchmarks the 4870 1 GB is only slightly better than the 260 core 216, so do the optimizings for nvidia justify going with nvidia or should i stick with the 4870? any thoughts are apreciated
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  1. That just depends on you. By the by, the 4870 1GB is the better value. Around Christmas we could be seeing some 55nm 200 series GPUs so wait and see if the situation changes.
  2. I'd say the 4870 is still better, but either would work great for what you want.
  3. I have both cards. A 4870 512 and an OC'ed 260 w/192 sp.. The 260 runs circles around the 4870 when playing Crysis. Food for thought.

    DX10 64bit Vista 6850 dual core 4 and 8gig memory stock speeds.
  4. jonj320 said:
    ---Nvidia the way its ment [sic] to be played.

    Reading that, I thought....wow you are a marketers wet dream....you repeat a phrase like a chimp..not knowing what it means...if anything at all...but thinking the phrase is somehow important.

    But then, like a smart consumer you name the specific games you are looking to play in the near future...which is the primary consideration for choosing your graphics card. Which makes you seem as if you know what you are looking for and not subject to baseless marketing propaganda.

    Here's the proper course of action for you: finalize your maximum budget. The absolute most you will spend. Then, make a list in pencil of the components that you think you would buy TODAY, that comes in at budget.

    Then, check out reviews and benchmarks of your chosen games from several if not many different sites (AT THE EXACT RESOLUTION YOU ARE GOING TO GAME). You have to find the honest sites and benchmarks and avoid the corrupt ones (there are many of both) and if you don't think your FPS or game experience will satisfy you based on those results, make specific changes.

    Prices, products, driver revisions and moon-beam intensity changes daily, as will specific recommendations. It's up to you to put it all together.
  5. swifty_morgan said:
    I have both cards. A 4870 512 and an OC'ed 260 w/192 sp.. The 260 runs circles around the 4870 when playing Crysis. Food for thought.

    DX10 64bit Vista 6850 dual core 4 and 8gig memory stock speeds.

    What would you mean by "runs circles around"? I have the same setup as you except with a Q6600 @ 3.2ghz, 4870 plays crysis on high, 1920x1200 with perfectly smooth framerates. If you think the 260 runs circles around the 4870 because it wins by 1fps, then you are sorely mistaken.
  6. No, because it plays the game a lot smoother ! And at the "highest" settings - @16x10 - not "high" settings. ( less aa...never tried it and don't think it needs it at this res ) And there is a very noticeable difference between the two. If you care to buy one and see the difference........ get the xfx 640/2300.

    EDIT:...... with motion blur off...... it bugs me for some reason.
  7. This couldn't be better timing. I do disagree though with the author, Warhead does NOT play better than the original game.

  8. While it may be true that nVidia may have a slight advantage over ATI thru its TWIMTBP'd program, it doesnt mean itll always be that way. Drivers bring those optimisations back to even over time. Theyre both set at the same price point, and do go head to head, and as was mentioned earlier, depends on the games you play , what res etc. Also, what games may be coming out as well. Id look to see what ATI has done lately as to their optimisations regarding future releases, as theyve managed to do a lil regarding the early dev and driver enhancements on games coming out.
  9. I only play at a 1680x1050 resolution, but i think that il wait a while and see what they have coming out. thanks.
  10. ok sorry jonj320 but i play at that rez as well and im going to upgrade to a 4870 or 260 to BUT I would like to ask any one that reads this form to (only if u have a 260 or 4870 plz mention if it's 512MB or 1GB) Private message me or if it's ok with jonj320 to post it on this fourm to tell me/us.

    what FPS u get?

    what graphs detail you play it at? (mention X10 or X9)

    and if you aa on and if it is what's it's at?
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