Monitor or Graphics Card?

Woke up this morning and there are horizontal bars/lines flickering on my display. They seem better when the screen has a light background but are really prominant if the colors are darker. They're even present on the bios boot screen. I tried reinstalling my graphics driver. The only thing that makes it go away iis if I turn the brightness all the way up on the monitor. It sounds like a monitor problem to me but I dont have another computer to test it with. Do you think ot is the graphics card or the monitor? 3D games run OK (except for the flickering). I may be able to borrow a monitor from work if you think it will help me determine the problem.Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. are the lines always there? if your graphics card has artifacts it will probably look more like randomly appearing dots, shapes, lines, ect on the screen in blips. if what you have are only lines and they are always on the screen it is probably the monitor.
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