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Hey there, just got myself a new rig, started overclocking my i7 860, and after testing with prime95 I've ran into some issues.
After running it for around two hours (sometimes more sometimes less), a core would create an error. Usually, I figure, such issues are usually CPU related and can be fixed by upping the voltage. I've went from 1.1 to 1.35, and still get the same issue. This is OCing to 3.5ghz with turbo off and hyper threading on.
I also figured that I would be able to do this quite simply, I have a hyper 212+ for my heatsink. I did more intel burn tests, always got an error, no matter what voltage, just as long as I'm OCing.

After some thinking, I figured maybe ram is the culprit here. So I did the windows 7 ram diagnostic tool, and it showed that I had an issue.
Then I did memtest86+ several times, and got an error at the address 00023fcdd54. This is with two sticks. Now I ran the test numerous times with just a single memory stick and everytime I get no error.. But when I run it with two of em, I always get the error.

My timings are as advertised - 9-9-9-24 @ 1600 with 1.5v.

Oh yeah, the motherboard is P55A-UD4P. Perhaps the motherboard is the issue? Maybe I need to try different slots? I really have no clue to be honest, I've just tried so many things I can't keep track of everything.

What would be the best approach to my problem?
Specific ways to test each of the ram sticks? Get some new ones? Test the motherboard, somehow.
I'm not exactly getting any errors when running two sticks, it's just they show up in the memtest and when prime95 does it's extreme test and also the intel burn test. I have no issues out side of this, but I just want to make sure that I wont have any issues in the future and perhaps maybe I should change something while I can still return it.

Thanks, any input is appreciated. It's 3AM here, going to bed. Hoping to get some help tomorrow, perhaps I'm forgetting something. I apologize if so. Please, help me. Thanks.
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  1. Most likely the memory has a timing or voltage issue that complicates running the two sticks. For fixing that type of issue on a Gigabyte board, I recommend going to their forum on the official Gigabyte site at Tweaktown. It is very active and I bet if you search on the name of the mobo and the word memory you may find posts already addressing the issue. If not, post your problem you should receive a quick response, either from the many Gigabyte users there or the official reps.
  2. Thanks for your reply, here is the update to my situation:

    Any more input is very much appreciated!!
  3. You are not alone. I have the same motherboard. Memory is Corsair TW3X4G1333C9A, two sticks, 2GB each; CPU is i5 750.
    The problem is exactly the same. I know that the memory is not officially listed as certified for this MOBO. The system is only one week old. I built it myself. No solution yet. Any experts out there, please, help.
  4. Hey Russian - you got your ears on?

    It seems like your posting on tweaktown ended just before Christmas with the status that you had ordered new memory and were awaiting its arrival.

    Did new memory solve the issue? At stock settings?
  5. Heya, yeah man, the new ram ran fine.
    Thanks for checking, appreciate it!
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