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Hello Everyone,

I am trying to build a system starting with an Intel DX58SO m/b. I have connected my DVD drive containing Vista64 disk and a blank HD. Both drives are SATA (there is no IDE on this m/b). When I boot into the BIOS I can see the Samsung. When I boot I get a message from the Marvell Contoller saying "Adapter 1 - No disk is detected" and sure enough when I get to the point where Vista is asking me where to install to, there are no drives to select from.

I have tried booting with Drive Configuration as IDE and AHCI and with/without Boot to Network enabled (it shouldn't be and it isn't now).

Any thoughts?

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    Connect the hard drive to the regular SATA ports, not the RAID ports (Marvell controller). The RAID ports need a driver on installation of Windows.
    You have 4 regular ports and 2 Marvell ports. The color should be different.
  2. Thanks for that idea. I can't assess it right now but I found a workaround - to not use this particular disk. Interested people can read the whole story here
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