Evga x58 / asus p6t deluxe

Im buildin a new i7 rig and want to know which is better motherboard evga x58 / the asus p6t deluxe..... im gettin an evga gtx 295 and want to know if the motherboards can support quad SLI ...
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  1. The EVGA can support triple while the P6T can only support dual. It's because of the slot placements.
  2. So your goal is to put 4 GTX 295 cards into one system? That's 8 GPUs. You better get one hell of a PSU to power that.
  3. im gettin a corsair 1000hx ... im not goin to put an extra gtx 295 right now ... but just want to know if i can put one in future .... stickin with just one 295 righ now
  4. Oh so you only want to run 2 GTX 295s. If that's the case then either board will do the trick.
  5. i dont think its possible to put 4 gtx 295s in one board ... i said quad SLI because each card is 2 gpus ... neway currently stickin with either just one gtx 295 / 2 gtx 285s cant decide
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