These are components for first homemade build ... kinda worried

AMD Phenom 9950 (Quad Core) AM2+ 4MB Cache
Spire Kestrel-King II AMD 64 fan
BIOSTAR A770 A2+,PCI-EX, 1GB LAN (quad support)
4GB (2x2GB) PC6400 DDR2 800 Dual Channel
ATI Radeon HD 4850 512MB PCI Express 16x dual head, tv out
320.0GB Western Digital 7200RPM SATA2 UDMA 300 16m cache
Hard Drive Cooling Fan Aluminum Internal
Samsung LightScribe 20x DVD Recorder Dual Layer +R/RW -R/RW (black)
Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio
Ethernet network adapter (onboard)
Antec Nine Hundred Black Case, Side Window, front USB & iEEE
Dual Case Fans 120 mm Extra Quiet DC fan (two fans)
Antec EarthWatts 500w Extra Quiet ATX Power Supply SLI Ready
Black Windows Keyboard, 104 key, PS/2
2-Button Wheel Mouse, PS/2 Black
Vista 64 bit

Kinda worried that something might not be right. This came out to 950$ and based on most reviews I feel very confident making this pc. All my components should be here on Tuesday ... any suggestions or any last second recommended changes? (my budget is maxed btw)


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  1. Well I think it would be better to go with a 9750 or a 9850 BE so that you can step up the board to a 790X based board, that way you could crossfire another 4850 latter. I also think that the Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio is something that you should add latter. If you drop the sound card for now you can certainly get a 790X board and a better power supply to crossfire that 4850 latter. If you must get a dedicated sound card then consider the Asus Xonar instead.
  2. ^^ Yup, only if you overclock. Otherwise, don't bother. You don't need an aftermarket cooler to run a cpu at stock. The bundled one is ok.

    The list looks good to me.
  3. Wait, you said parts are on the way and now you ask for advice? Isn't that a little backwards?

    You already bought the parts, so slap it together.

    Next time ask for advice before you order, it works better that way.
  4. The hard drive cooling fan can be safely dumped. You have a single disk, pretty small too, in one of the best cooled cases ever invented. Don't waste money on it. I have 5 disks, all bigger than 320GB, and never bothered with a special HDD cooler.

    Also dump the extra case fans. Not needed with the Antec 900 and a single video card and no overclocking.

    I'd also dump the CPU cooler like auscanzukus said.

    Also dump the X-Fi.

    Use the savings to upgrade to HD 4870. The upgrade gives you better gaming, and also provides a vent for the video card to kick the heat directly out of the case. That in itself will do more for the PC's cooling than the extra fans and HDD cooler.
  5. mihow said:
    Spire Kestrel-King II AMD 64 fan
    A 2003 model CPU cooler. Spire website doesnt show Phenom compatibility for that cooler like the KestrelKing V or KestrelKing VII coolers.

    Like aevm suggests sound card, extra fans, HDD cooler should have been dropped for a video card upgrade. I would have also suggested a less expensive case to reach that goal.
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